GBPEUR plummets due to Mark Carney

Late last night Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney told the BBC that an interest rate hike would occur this year but failed to announce that it would happen at the May meeting. He did state Brexit negotiations and the performance of the UK economy will dictate when the hike occurs. This was seen as extremely dovish by investors and the pound was sold off.

The Governor also spoke about inflation and said as always inflation needs to be monitored closely. With inflation falling quicker than expected this month to 2.5%, if this trends continues I expect to only see one hike this year, which arguably is a bad situation for clients buying euros.

The pound had been making considerable gains against the euro over the last 6 weeks due to the hype of an interest rate hike and the shift in Brexit sentiment. However not that a hike may not occur, this could be the start of the slide for sterling against the pound. Furthermore with trade negotiations set to start in the upcoming months now is the time to buy pounds in my opinion.

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