New Zealand dollar struggles due to the US

The New Zealand dollar has had a tough time of late falling to multi-month lows as the US Dollar also known as the Greenback marches forward. NZDUSD is now at the lowest level since December 2017.

The reason for the demise in the New Zealand is that US 10-year bond yields rose above the 3% barrier earlier this week and therefore investors have sold off their commodity currencies and purchased the safe haven Greenback.

The theory is that the higher the price of a bond the more likely the US are of raising interest rates and therefore more investors will flock to the US dollar. No surprises, the New Zealand stock market has struggled this week and could continue to stuggle in the weeks to come, if the 10-year bonds remain above 3%.

In recent weeks the New Zealand dollar has also come under pressure as trade wars escalate between the US and China. Regular readers will be aware that there is a direct correlation between China and New Zealand as New Zealand exports a large proportion to China. Therefore a problem for China is a problem for New Zealand.

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