Sterling to Euro rate now sitting comfortably above 1.15, is a move closer to 1.20 now likely?

Euro Trades Below $1.08, Triggering Options Markets to Flash Warnings

Yesterday GBP/EUR broke through 1.15 once again, although this time the pair have consolidated above this previous resistance level meaning that the pair are now trading in new territory.

Since the transitional agreement was agreed between the UK and EU negotiators sentiment surrounding the UK economy moving forward has improved, and this is behind much of the Pound’s recent gains. The Euro has also been coming under pressure as inflation levels within Europe aren’t quite as high as the ECB had hoped before cutting back on its asset purchasing program. Global concerns surrounding tensions in Syria and potential clash between the US and Russia are also impacting the Euros value due to the effects on the regions economy.

The interest rate hike next month is now almost a certainty and talk of whether the BoE will raise interest rates later in the year is now beginning to impact the rates, so if you’re planning on making a transfer soon do bear this in mind.

As the year continues I would expect Brexit related news to continue to impact the Pound’s value. The final Brexit agreement needs to be approved by the European Council and across all parliaments in the EU before it becomes official so I expect to see this topic continue to carry potential to move GBP exchange rates quite drastically.

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