What can we expect next on GBPNZD exchange rates?

The Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rate is still at a very good level, they have been over 1.90 once again trading in the 1.93-1.94 range today. There is a general belief rates could improve further but we will need to see some more positive news to rise back above the December high of 1.98.

April sees a whole new set of economic news and events to move the market, the key information will be the New Zealand interest rate decision on May 10th.

This could be a very busy day because we will also have the UK Bank of England interest rate decision where we could see some real volatility on Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rates.

The overall expectation on GBPNZD is that we could see the levels rising towards 2 if the Bank of England see enough to warrant a interest rate rise. From the New Zealand side the gentle deterioration in the price seems likely to continue as we get more news that the United States will be raising interest rates later in the year.

General expectations for the rates are that the levels will continue to rise as the new Zealand Dollar becomes less and less of an attractive currency to hold.

The general belief for the Pound is that outlook will improve with progress on Brexit, it seems that the market will find more reasons to hold the Pound than the Kiwi.

If you need to make a currency exchange buying or selling the pound and the New Zealand Dollar then making some plans in advance is sensible. We are here to help with the relevant plans and strategy to help maximise the transaction for you.

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