Which data releases could influence the GBP/EUR rate this week? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound to Euro exchange rate has so far managed to hold onto its recent gains and remain trading above the 1.14 mark. This suggests to me that market sentiment surrounding the Pound has improved as previously this was the top end of the current trend and GBP/EUR would usually struggle to hold its ground at these levels.

The pair did reach 1.15 at one stage recently after news broke that the Brexit transitional deal had been arranged, much to the joys of the financial markets. This matter had been a concern previously and limited the upside for the Pound, so understandably Sterling spiked upward in the wake of the news.

Sterling has also been boosted after the Bank of England has hinted at raising interest rates in May of this year, meaning that the monetary policy of the BoE is likely to be more aggressive than many had initially expected. The pick up in wage growth has also increased these chances as wage growth begins to align with the increasing inflation levels.

Later this week there will be PMI releases covering a number of sectors within the UK, all of which are expected to show slowdowns. If you have an upcoming currency requirement involving the GBP/EUR pair, it may be wise looking into the current trade levels in case the PMI releases are worse than expected. They offer us forward looking insight into market sentiments so a gloomy outlook could result in a weaker Pound.

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