Will Sterling exchange rates have a good April? Previous trends say yes but will the poor weather in March hold it back?

Pound to US Dollar rates influenced by political uncertainty in the UK

The Pound made reasonable gains against most majors throughout March and I now have many clients in the middle of overseas property purchases asking if the strength in the Pound will continue, if previous years are to go by then there is a chance that it will.

For the past 13 years running we have seen GBP/USD rise, or Sterling increase in value against the Dollar, this has happened during financial and political instability and no matter what issues have been thrown at the U.K and indeed the Pound.

“Although there are no guaranteed patterns of where exchange rates will move during a specific time of the year, this particular trend does seem to stick out and there are underlying reasons for why it happens.”

The start of the financial year for the U.K is 6th April and what tends to happen shortly after this is a flurry of dividend payments to British shareholders in foreign companies along with numerous other incoming capital from around the world. This then creates a demand for Sterling therefore pushing up the value of the Pound.

One thing that may have held the Pound and the U.K back a little this time around is the terrible weather that we experienced throughout March, this will have held back construction and retail sales and would no doubt have had a fairly negative impact on the economy.

Will the poor weather seen in the UK throughout March impact Construction and Retail Sales data?

Over the next two days we will see the release of the first data sets from March and this will show how much of an impact the weather may have had.

I still feel the Pound is in for a good run of form as long as there are no big Brexit hiccups and as long as the Bank of England to not make a U-turn on an interest rate hike in May.

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