Canada weakens to a 1-month low vs the US Dollar, where to next for CAD exchange rates?

Gbp to Cad Exchange Rate Hits a 1-Month High as Risk Appetite Returns to Global Markets

The Canadian Dollar has been continuing to come under pressure recently, and when we compare the currency with the usual benchmark of the US Dollar, it’s hit a 1-month low during today’s trading session.

The US dollar has been strengthening for reasons of its own but at the same time the Loonie (Canadian Dollar) has been weakening. With the Canadian economy being linked quite heavily to commodities the current trade war concerns and on-going discussions are weighing on the CAD’s value. This is because if global trade were to slow down, the Loonie would be particularly affected due to the type of economy it has.

Weak data has also been weighing on the Loonie as data released earlier today showed that Canada’s trade deficit widened to a record level in March. Furthermore, the price of oil could be affected soon as markets are waiting to hear whether there will be further sanctions against Iran. This could impact the commodities value which would result in movement for CAD exchange rates.

Next week there will be data released from Canada covering the amount of new housing starts which is worth keeping an eye out for. This will be released on Tuesday so do register your interest with us if you wish to be updated should there be any major movements.

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