New Zealand dollar under severe pressure (Dayle Littlejohn)

The forecast for the strength of the New Zealand dollar is looking bleak according to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s interest rate decision last week. The central bank stated that interest rates will remain at record lows until early 2020 as inflation continues to remain stagnant.

Over the last few years investors have flocked to the New Zealand dollar due to the high returns on interest rates, however now that the US have hiked interest rates to 1.75% and plan to hike interest rates another 2 more times this year, investors are moving away from the Kiwi and this is a main reason why the Kiwi dollar continues to struggle. Today the New Zealand dollar has dropped to a 3 month low against the Australian dollar.

In other news New Zealand will hold their latest global dairy trade Auction today. In recent weeks the disease Mycoplasma bovis, has spread in the Waikato region and reports are suggesting that 22,000 cows have had to be killed to date. Confidence is therefore down and this event could put further pressure on the New Zealand dollar as dairy is one of the key commodities that drives the New Zealand dollars value.

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