Will the Kiwi rise or fall in the coming weeks?

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The New Zealand dollar has been rising as investor sentiments over the global outlook turn slightly more positive, the New Zealand dollar benefits from its status as a commodity currency paying a higher yield. With the Reserve Bank of New Zealand offering 1.75%, it remains a very attractive currency for investors to beholding.

The outlook for the Kiwi is generally more positive for the currency owing to the improved global sentiments we have been witnessing lately. These include the Trade Wars not impacting markets as badly as expected and the US continuing on a path to raising interest rates.

The general direction of the New Zealand dollar has been a more positive one of late, also because of a feeling that perhaps the recent strength of the US dollar has been overdone. This has seen the US dollar weaken and the Kiwi gently rise.

Investors will now be eagerly awaiting the Fed decision on the 13th June next week, plus the RBNZ decision on the 28th June. In the in between period we also have lots to consider including the European Central Bank decision on the 14th, the Bank of England on the 21st and the UK’s EU Summit on the 28th.

If you are looking to buy or sell New Zealand dollar understanding the market and options is vital to helping you maximise your exchange. This includes an awareness oft he important events which will in the future more than likely drive your price and offer you an opportunity to trade at a better level.

Often, rates can fluctuate a few cents on key pieces of news and being able to capitalise on this requires some preparation in advance. For more information on the best rates and strategy ahead of these key pieces of news, please contact me Jonathan Watson on [email protected]

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