Will GBP/CAD drop below 1.70 in the near future?

GBPCAD Rates: Lack of Faith in the Pound Highlighted by Oil Crisis?

GBP/CAD has dropped back a little in the past few weeks following political headaches for U.K Prime Minister Theresa May and an interest rate rise coming from the Bank of Canada, the political tensions have weakened the Pound and the interest rate rise helped to give the Canadian Dollar strength.

Many clients that are looking to emigrate to Canada have been getting in touch with me to ask just where I see the pairing heading next and so here are my personal thoughts.

On the plus side for those looking to buy Canadian Dollars, the U.K Parliament have now gone on summer recess, so this may offer a little respite from Political instability and this may give the Pound a slight lift.

The real key moment for me on the GBP side however will be whether or not the Bank of England make a move to raise their interest rates next Thursday. Currently we are seeing an almost 50/50 chance that rates will be hiked, should this chance increase and ultimately should the Bank of England make a move to raise rates then the Pound would more than likely start to climb and pull away from the 1.70 mark quite comfortably.

On the CAD side, the recent rate rise and the fairly stable oil price has been a plus, along with the reasonably positive words following the rate hike from the Bank of Canada. The main concerns at present are the slowly moving NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) talks and the possibility of Donald Trump suddenly launching in with a bullish approach as this could dent the value of the Canadian Dollar.

For those looking to exchange GBP into CAD or to send CAD back into GBP I really do feel that the main event for you will be the build up to next Thursday’s rate decision and what comes from it.

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