Theresa May survives confidence vote and vows to continue with Brexit – Chinese growth figures early next week

Australian Economy Likely to be Worst Hit But to Bounce Back Strongest

Sterling has remained fairly range bound against the Australian Dollar so far this week, even with all of the goings on in U.K Parliament.

Last night Prime Minister Theresa May survived a vote of no confidence by 325 to 306 which for now has held off a potential general election in the U.K.

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View on Brexit – What happens next?

My view remains the same at present, I feel that there is now very little chance that an acceptable Brexit deal will be negotiated in the coming weeks and also that leaving with no deal has a very slim chance of happening.

With this in mind, it would not surprise me to see article 50 delayed, which would give the Government more time to try and negotiate a better deal. Should this happen the Pound may receive a boost in value, and this would also open the door for Brexit potentially not happening at all in the long run. The reason Sterling exchange rates dropped drastically in 2016 was due to the original referendum result so if there is a sniff of this happening then the Pound may surge.

Chinese growth figures – Sunday night

We must not forget that economic data will still have an impact on the markets, and key Chinese growth figures are due out at 2:00am on Sunday night, so the markets will have experienced volatility before we arrive on the trading floor on Monday morning.

Chinese data is key to the performance of the Australian Dollar, and expectations are for a slight drop off in growth for China, so the Australian Dollar may weaken off a little to start of the trading week if these expectations are correct.

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