Pound to Canadian Dollar forecast: General Election could weaken Sterling

Pound to Canadian Dollar Outlook: Canadian Dollar Drops to Four-Year Low as Economic Fears Spike

Brexit extension agreed

Sterling remains fragile due to the lack of clarity surrounding Brexit. We are now looking at a “flextension” until 31st January, but if a deal can be secured it can be done so before the 31st January.

Boris Johnson’s deal came close to approval, but he has now had to pull the deal off the table in order to push forward with a general election. This does not mean that the majority of the deal would not come back to the table at a later date. It has only been pulled to keep the SNP and Labour party happy, one of their requests to go ahead with an election.

Historically a general election will weaken the currency in question, but on this occasion the markets could well be dictated by the election favourite’s stance on Brexit.

If you have to move short term on GBP/CAD it may be wise to take advantage of current levels as there is certainly the possibility of volatility in the coming months. You may wish to keep an eye on whether Johnson will get his way this evening and get the approval he needs to go ahead with an election. If it is the case an election is going to go ahead, we could see Sterling weakness.

Bank of Canada interest rate decision tomorrow

Tomorrow we will see the Bank of Canada interest rate decision. There is expected to be no change, but the press conference following the decision could give hints to future monetary policy. This has the potential to cause volatility on the market.

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