Sell in May, Go Away ! Will the pound be weaker next month?

GBP EUR Recovers from Early Losses on EU Trade

Will the pound weaken in May? Well, on observing the last seven years, we notice the old adage of “sell in May, go away”, ringing true for sterling on six out of those seven occasions. Our FX research teams have been busy analysing the data, to try and give our clients the most relevant facts to support their decision making.

The average move lower we have noted is around 2.4%, from the two-month period start of May to end of June. On a £100,000 transaction, that move lower at current interbank rates equates to €2700, remember this is just an average. Whilst the period does include the Brexit vote, the figures do not lie, and this is a great example of the inherent potential risks of not having an appropriate FX strategy in place.

Will this continue for the pound in May 2023? There is certainly the ingredients for a bumpy start as we have both the European Central Bank and the Bank of England interest rate decisions, which with both central banks predicted to raise interest rates, could throw up some volatility on GBPEUR rates as well other currencies connected to either of those.

In early April, sterling to Euro exchange rates re-tested 2023 highs of the year against the Euro and the multi-week highs against the US dollar. As we end the month, it has been less positive however, and we appear likely to end lower on those pairings than where we began.

To assist with the planning and execution of your transactions, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the latest FX forecasts, across a very broad range of different sources, to give a wider-range overview of where the FX markets are headed.

The next two weeks are offering plenty of risk events from a currency market perspective, with the potential to change the outlook on interest rates and therefore FX rates.

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