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Canadian Economic data

The pound to euro exchange rate was flat in early Tuesday trading after the pair erased an early week dip.

Canadian Dollar loses value due to Trump Tariff (Daniel Johnson)

Lumber Tariff weakens the Canadian Dollar The Canadian dollar has lost ground against Sterling following Trump's decision to impose tariffs on lumber exports from Canada. The dairy trade dispute has escalated.  There is a new Canadian milk policy which US producers are unhappy with stating it violates the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The US have responded by putting in place anti-subsidy tariffs of nearly 20% on lumber imports. Lumber has been a matter of contention between the the two since the 80s. Canada...
Pound to Euro Outlook: GBPEUR Rates Reach 4-Week Interbank Highs

GBP/CAD spiking up

GBP/CAD rates have almost hit 8 year highs. This is entirely due to market distortion following the continuously surprises coming out from the Chinese economy. The saga has been going on for a few weeks now, originally the poor news helped the Canadian Dollar compared to its competitors. The Canadian Dollar is not closely linked with China as a trading partner, as such the USD and the Pound were hit harder as both their abilities to raise interest rates in the near future came into question. But the worsening...
Pound to Euro Reaches 2-Month High

Fluctuations expected for GBPCAD exchange rates this week (Dayle Littlejohn)

This week Canada and the UK are both set to release a host of economic data releases which have the potential to cause fluctuations that clients will wish to take advantage of. This morning the UK release Mortgage approvals and Consumer credit numbers. Mortgage approvals are set to rise however Consumer confidence is set to decline. Therefore there's a strong chance the data releases will counteract one another. This afternoon the Bank of Canada Governor Poloz will address the public in regards to the state of...
Pound Stronger vs Canadian Dollar this Morning

Will GBPCAD continue to rise?

Fresh concerns over the price of Oil following the latest OPEC (Organisation Petroleum Exporting Countries) concerns. Essentially calls to limit global production to help the price of oil rise have hit stumbling blocks, there is an expectation production caps in place will be extended further into 2018. Expectations are that such developments may ultimately prove unlikely, hence the fall in the value of the Loonie. If you need to buy Canadian dollars with pounds then getting something done sooner than later is the best way...
Pound to Canadian Dollar Outlook: BoC Interest Rate Cut Bets Soar as Oil Prices Sink CAD

Expect substantial volatility today for CAD Rates

In an hour at 9:30am GMT inflation data for the UK economy will be released. Recently the data released from the UK economy has been extremely poor in this area. Inflation actually fell to a negative deflationary number last month but is expected to rebound this morning. Deflation in principle is considered disastrous for an economy. Japan entered a deflationary spiral which is could not escape from for 20 years. An increase in the inflation number this morning will spell Sterling strength and we...
Pound to Euro Reaches 2-Month High

Canadian Dollar benefits from rebound in oil prices (Joseph Wright)

The Pound is trading at almost a 3 year low against the Canadian Dollar, as you would have to go back as far as October of 2013 to see the pair trading below 1.7000. The UK's 'Brexit' has been behind most of the recent substantial drop as currency markets were hoping for a vote to remain within the EU, but after recovering somewhat after the Pounds initial steep drop in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, the downward trend has returned once again. Not only is...
Pound to Canadian Dollar Outlook: BoC Interest Rate Cut Bets Soar as Oil Prices Sink CAD

EUR/CAD rates highest in 2015

EUR/CAD rates have risen to the highest rates in 2015. Euro strength following positive Greek talks have been coupled with stronger data emerging from a Eurozone apparently in recovery. Today surprisingly poor housing data came out concerning the Canadian economy when this has been one of the better performers as of late. Read inside for the knock-on affects for EUR/CAD rates in the future, as well as CAD's other pairings.

Canadian Dollar value dips slightly after Budget (Joshua Privett)

The value of the Canadian Dollar has seen marginal losses following the release of Justin Trudeau's first budget as Prime Minister. He announced an increase in the deficit to more than $29bn this year, with no forecast of a surplus before the next election. Sweeping social reforms to tax, child benefits and pensions come alongisde a revision downwards in growth in the economy to 0.4% per year. This essentially presents a mixed bag which is why there was actually little net change in the value of the Canadian Dollar today. In this...

Sterling up against the Canadian Dollar owing to oil prices (Tom Holian)

Sterling vs the Canadian Dollar has risen by as much as 4 cents during the course of this week providing some excellent opportunities to buy Canadian Dollars with the Pound. Bank of Canada Poloz's speech caused the CAD$ to weaken and the combination of oil prices falling has negatively affected the price of the Canadian Dollar. Good news for anyone needing to send money to Canada from the UK. Oil prices have fallen caused by a strong US Dollar as well as huge supply problems caused...
Pound to Euro Reaches 2-Month High

Quiet week for Data

This week the only significant release of data to give us a glimpse into the Canadian Economy will be on Friday, where GDP figures for June will be revealed. Until then GBP/CAD, EUR/CAD and other CAD pairings will be governed by events outside of the country. Following surprisingly goodretail sales figures for the Canadian economy last week, growing twice as fast as analysts had expected, GBP/CAD rates shot down to 2.01 and have since settle just above 2.02. This was also helped by the opposite...