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Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rate Volatility expected for GBPCAD rates ahead of Canadian general election

CAD the focus for the week

Canadian Dollar is expected to strengthen today, and GBP/CAD to drop, following strong foreign investment into the economy during the month of July. The slashing of interest rates last month meant credit was much cheaper, so domestic and foreign investors alike are buying CAD up while it is weak. The real question is when will this start to show a boost economic performance for Canada?
The Canadian Dollar Has Enough Resilience to Set Its Own Path in Monetary Policy

CAD strengthens from oil rally (Joshua Privett)

CAD buying rates got a touch more expensive yesterday following another resurgence in oil prices. The main event yesterday was meant to be a speech given by the Bank of Canada Governor Poloz, but his speech ended up falling on deaf ears. He said what many already knew. Low interest rates may be here to stay for a while, and then began to talk about pension reforms which are not of interest to the currency exchange markets. Yet the day was certainly entertaining. GBP/CAD fell alongside most...
Pound to Euro rate near 26-week high on low ‘No Deal’ Brexit risk

GBP/CAD rates in current stalemate (Joshua Privett)

Buying rates for the Canadian Dollar have been one of the more interesting pairings for Sterling in recent weeks due to the dual turnaround in oil prices alongside the change in the current climate surrounding the EU Referendum. The most recent visit by Barack Obama has been the talk of the town. Gentle suggestions were quickly replaced by near economic blackmail to encourage the British population to vote to remain in the EU. The result has been increased market confidence that the UK will be remaining within...
Pound to Canadian Dollar predictions: Factors that will impact Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rates

Will GBP-CAD rates continue to fall?

Yesterday was incredible, and a true example of a market in panic. Sterling has recieved an artificial boost recently against all currencies as more and more money left the Eurozone, with a potential Grexit on the horizon, into safer currencies. As the post below explains, this is now changing with a more likely deal on the horizon with Greece. Funds are returning to a more stable Euro in droves, which is causing this largely 'fake' Sterling strength to deflate. Today there is little data out from...
Pound to Canadian dollar predictions: What to expect this month

Will GBPCAD continue to rise?

Fresh concerns over the price of Oil following the latest OPEC (Organisation Petroleum Exporting Countries) concerns. Essentially calls to limit global production to help the price of oil rise have hit stumbling blocks, there is an expectation production caps in place will be extended further into 2018. Expectations are that such developments may ultimately prove unlikely, hence the fall in the value of the Loonie. If you need to buy Canadian dollars with pounds then getting something done sooner than later is the best way...
Pound to Canadian Dollar Forecast Steady Tone for the Canadian Dollar Ahead of Key Domestic Data Due This Week

Wildfire causes Canadian Dollar Weakness against Sterling (Tom Holian)

The ongoing wildfires currently hitting parts of Canada are causing huge problems for the economy. As Canada is heavily reliant on oil the fires are getting very close to the oil sands region and this has seen the closure of various plants in the region. Indeed, the closure of the plants has meant Canada has reduced its oil supply by as much as 1 million barrels per day and although the rains have started to fall, which hopefully will see an end to the problems we are...
Pound to Canadian dollar predictions: What to expect this month

Canadian Dollar weakens vs the Pound owing to US Tariffs (Tom Holian)

The Canadian Dollar has struggled vs the Pound after a decision made by US President Donald Trump that he will be looking to increase tariffs on softwood lumber coming in from north of the border. Further to this the US and Canada are at loggerheads over a proposed new Canadian milk policy which means that Canada may look to cease importing milk from Wisconsin. Trump responded in a tweet saying 'Canada has made business for our dairy farmers in Wisconsin and other border states very difficult....

The impact of a US interest rate hike on the Canadian Dollar (Tom Holian)

In just a few hours time the US Federal Reserve are likely to be increasing interest rates for the third and final time this year. This will be Janet Yellen's final monetary policy conference before she leaves in February and it would be a major surprise if no rate hike occurs. The Bank of Canada have kept interest rates on hold on the previous occasion but it may not be too long before they have to look at their own monetary policy in the months ahead. As...
GBPEUR rate remains steady as markets await the Autumn Budget

Will Brexit concerns continue to drive GBP/CAD downward? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rate has continued its downward trend during today's trading session, and I think it will be interesting to see whether 1.60 manages to act as a support level or not moving forward. The lowest level the pair have hit today is 1.6014 so the key level is getting closer. Sterling is generally under pressure at the moment but it has been helped today after UK GDP figures for July showed an improvement at a time when many are concerned that...
Pound to Euro outlook Election uncertainty and Brexit hold Sterling to a tight trading range

CAD Strength seems the more likely at present!

GBPCAD has continued its ascendancy of late has a weaker pound and improvements in the price of Oil continue to cause upset for anyone looking buy the Canadian dollar. As the prospect of uncertainty over Oil prices diminishes the rates have only improved for Canadian dollar sellers, it would appear that longer term the exchange rate will only go from strength to strength as the price of Oil makes a recovery and particularly if the pounds weakens further. GBP Uncertainty seems the more likely...