Back Sterling for the short term but be cautious

The comments could be good news for anyone looking to buy Euros in the near term with sterling hopefully starting to push on. However with all the doom and gloom still surrounding the UK economy it may be a while before we start to see sterling exchange rates start to pick up against a host of major currencies. Post election will be very interesting for the Pound

Seesaw effect with the EUR-USD exchange rate pairing

The USD-EUR exchange rate has been fascinating recently. there has been a seesaw affect with the USD strengthening one day and then the Euro the next. The 16-nation currency fell to a 10-month low of $1.3268 on March 25, rallied a week later and then slumped to set a second bottom at $1.3283 on April 8. today the Euro is back as high as $1.3628 today after closing yesterday at $1.3592.

GBP Forecast for a Volatile month

GBP expected to see volatility in lead up to UK election

Sterling strength continues

The Pound has continued to gain ground against a basket of major currencies in this mornings trading  as confidence in the U.K is seemingly continuing to grow. With the upcoming election on May 6th be sure to expect some extremely volatile markets with investors hanging onto every poll for hope of an indication as to who may be edging closer to taking power. Should we get closer to the big day and the prospect of a hung parliament still be well and truely in place then...

Conservative margin helps the pound

News that the conservatives have increased their lead in the opinion poles helped the pound gain ground against a host of major currencies yesterday. The news offers a degree of reassurance to investors who are nervous about the prospect of a hung parliament. Despite this positive movement I feel that sterling is in for a rocky ride in the lead up to the election on May 6th. Therefore the excellent buying opportunities available at present, may well be worth taking advantage of. The other factor...
Pound Sterling Forecast – Is GBP Likely to Stage a recovery?

Sterling Strength as pound beats forecast

The pound has performed well on currency markets today with gains against most major currencies. Of particular note, is 1.2% gains over the Euro and 0.7% gains over the USD. For anyone looking to buy foreign currency this is great news as your currency has become cheaper to purchase. The reason behind the strength in sterling is that GDP figures for the UK have been revised upwards and house prices have risen despite expectations of a fall. If you would like more information about how...
Pound Sterling Forecast – Is GBP Likely to Stage a recovery?

Sterling strength ahead of GDP figures

Sterling is on the up this morning ahead of revised GDP figures expected for the U.K at 09:30am this morning. Expectations are for the figure to come out at 0.3% growth and any change to this may lead to market volatility however unless it is majorly different I wouldn't expect the movements to be significant enough to worry about. If you are buying a property abroad, have business transactions to carry out or need to get money overseas for any other reason and want the best exchange...
Pound Sterling Forecast – Is GBP Likely to Stage a recovery?

Sterling forecast and report – the week so far and looking forward

The Pound started of the week poorly then managed to have a fantastic few days of gains and positive data which has bought up some great buying and selling opportunites so far. Unemployment data came out much better than expected for the U.K which led to large Sterling gains over the course of the following 24 hours. It is not surprising to see data releases coming out much better leading up to an election.... i'm sure the figures were spot on however that element of doubt always...

Sterling Exchange Rate Forecast

After a welcome turnaround for sterling exchange rates yesterday I believe that today’s trading could reverse all the gains that the pound saw yesterday.

Pounds falls on industrial production data

Dat release for sterling, pounds