Forecast on data releases that could effect GBP, EUR, USD, AUD & NZD rates.

Pound to US Dollar Exchange Rate: What will Brexit do to the GBP/USD rate?

Good morning readers,

With lots of data out today and tomorrow for the UK and other economies we will take a look at some of the releases and how it may affect your upcoming currency requirement. Scroll down the list to find the currencies that apply to you. If at any time you would like to speak with me regarding your future currency exchange then please do contact me at

AUD – The first data release of the day was down under in Australia. They had their GDP figures released just after midnight and it showed a contraction in their economy. Now because their economy slowed more than expected it has increased the likelihood that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will cut interest rates again to bolster demand. This caused some AUD weakness overnight with the rates moving from 1.4861 to 1.4957.

Moving forward the RBA are under increasing pressure to weaken the Aussie Dollar as it is harming their exports. If further bad data comes out of Australia like employment figures then you will find that there will be further speculation of rate cuts which will continue to slightly weaken the Aussie Dollar. If you have Aussie Dollars to sell I personally feel  that with the current high levels against a range of other currencies you may miss the boat if you do not act fast. If you require buying Aussie’s in the near future hold tight as i feel that mid 1.50’s is around the corner. Email me at to discuss when may be a good time for your own personal circumstances.

EURO – At 11.00 this morning Germany are releasing their factory orders and expectations are that we will see a big contraction on the previous months figures from 1.7% down to 0.5%. If the figure comes out at 0.5% or better then I will expect to see the Euro show some signs of strength.

The big story though is still Greece. Although starting to get very boring it will have a massive effect on Euro rates over the next month. The private sector still need to formally agree their debt swap which is meant to take place on Thursday and only once this is done can Greece agree to activate the 130 billion Euros. Then all eyes will be keen to see if they can meet the part repayment by the 20th of March. Any problem fulfilling the agreement could lead to a disorderly Greek default and potentially trigger further problems across the Euro Zone in Spain & Italy.

With an interest rate decision also looming tomorrow it will be very interesting to hear the comments that come out from super Mario the head of the ECB straight after the release. The markets will be listening very closely to his words and this can bring some of the most volatile times to GBP/EUR & USD/EUR rates. I would expect to see a range bound going forward from 1.1750/1.2050 for GBP and 1.29/1.3250 for the USD over the next couple of weeks. If you are buying or selling the Euro and you can achieve these levels or better I would capitalise. Email me at to discuss when may be a good time for your own personal circumstances.

USD – For the US today there are a fair few data releases out from Mortgages approvals to the consumer credit change. The most important though for those with an actual exchange to make will be at 13.30 today in the form of the Nonfarm productivity. This shows the output per Hour of labor worked. Non-farm Productivity indicates the overall business health in the US, which has an influence on GDP. The level is expected to decline to 0.8% for Q4 last year.

You may have witnessed over the last few days that the USD has started to strengthen again. It has moved against the pound from 1.5950 down to 1.5709. The ongoing issues in Europe are once again benefiting the USD as the Dollar is being used as a safe haven option once again. With the Greek issue not yet sorted this trend could continue. This year the pound has been as low as around  1.5250/1.53. With sterling still trading at 5 cents higher now may be a good move to capitalise before we potentially see any further Dollar strength. Email me at to discuss when may be a good time for your own personal circumstances.

NZD – At 8.00pm this evening the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) will be announcing their interest rate decision for this month. We are expecting rates to be held at 2.5% Sterling exchange rates have significantly strengthened by 10 cents in the last few weeks. Sterling spiked to above 1.94 yesterday but is today back down at 1.9240. Like in Europe straight after the rate decision the governor of the RBNZ Alan Bollard will give a speech on the state of New Zealand’s economy and what their stance is on any future policy. The markets will keep a close eye on this and there could be some volatile times during the speech. Email me at to discuss when may be a good time for your own personal circumstances.

To give you a quick background, we are currency brokers and have been in the industry for years, this site was set up set up two years ago to give clients simple but informative information and now have 20,000 people a month
stop by for information.

Last year we had thousands of people get in touch with us through the site, of which hundreds have already used us and we have saved them money over their high street bank or current broker, you can get in touch with us by clicking
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around. You can also email me directly  with any questions or queries.

I look forward to speaking with you.


7 week high buying Aussies and Kiwis! Will these levels remain?

GBPEUR rate remains steady as markets await the Autumn Budget

This week was always going to throw up some movement on rates with so much data out across all currencies. Yesterday kicked things off nicely and the prospect of an Australian rate cut helped weaken the Aussie and Kiwi to levels not seen since January. Some welcome respite for those losing sleep looking at current AUD and NZD rates!

For me the fundamental issues driving both exchange rates remain and I cannot see any further major improvements on either exchange rate soon

Even with the news that growth in China is starting to slow and signs the pound is starting to find some support I cannot see major upward movements. I think the pound will hold its own (which may also protect major further losses for sellers) and we won’t see any major downward revisions in current levels. I think therefore that current levels are very attractive and well worth taking advantage of.

What you should be aware of this week if considering any AUD or NZD trades

If you are looking for that little extra then as Daniel pointed out there is a very busy week ahead. Tomorrow we have Australian GDP and the New Zealand Interest rate decision, followed by Australian Unemployment data Thursday. Thursday also sees the UK and Eurozone interest rate decisions which could dictate some risk appetite on the markets. With no clear direction on rates being established the gamble is doing nothing, we can assist your decision making process with our specialist service which has saved many clients thousands of pounds and dollars in their currency transfers.

As specialist currency brokers we buy foreign currency, direct in a live market. We trade about half a billion sterling a year which gives us access to an extremely sharp commercial rate of exchange for our clients. To our worldwide client base we offer a 24 hour market monitoring system perfect for AUD and NZD trades (as well as others) so you never miss your desired exchange rate. The service is completely free and at no obligation.

We have never had any trouble ensuring clients of this site get the best deals above and beyond those offered by banks and other brokers. If you would like to just double check for free all your options with one of our team please fill in the contact form or contact me direct on

I look forward to hearing from you

A week of interest ahead – Interest rate decisions due for Australia (AUD) New Zealand (NZD) U.K (GBP) EMU (EUR) Canada (CAD)

Pound to US Dollar forecast: What could influence the Pound to US Dollar rate this week?

Well, we could be faced with an extremely volatile week ahead with the amount of interest rate decisions we have due out and with the discussions that will follow prior to them.

First up is Australia, they release their interest rate decision overnight on Tuesday night followed by a monetary policy statement shortly afterwards, for the last few months speculation has been rife over whether or not the RBA will cut rates and on this occasion rates are expected to stay on hold. High interest rates generally make a currency more attractive and this is one of the factors that have kept the AUD strong over the past two years.

It would not surprise me to see a shock on this one, either a surprise cut in rates or a fairly interesting monetary policy statement shortly afterwards, personally I feel that should this happen we could see much better rates for buying Australian Dollars by the end of the week.

An interest rate hike is generally seen as very positive for the currency concerned and a cut in rates is seen as a negative, and the currency markets do move on rumour as well as fact, therefore even the mention of a rate cut in the future may lead to Australian Dollar weakness.

Next up is New Zealand on Wednesday night U.K time – no change is expected here however with the current global situation always expect the unexpected!

The U.K steps up on Thursday at midday, any change in interest rates would be front page news so I highly doubt we will see that, however any more QE (Quantitative Easing) could lead to Sterling weakness accross the board as we saw following the Bank of England minutes last Wednesday.

Europe is shortly after at 12:45pm and no change to rates is expected but watch out for the press conference in the afternoon, this might give indications as to current economic performance and plans to tackle certain issues inclusive of Greece which always turns a few heads in the investment world!

Finally, two releases on Friday with the Canadian Interest rate decision, i’m afraid no major shocks expected here, and the Non Farm Payroll data for the States – this can be as big a market mover as a change in interest rates as the predictions in adbvance can be wildly wrong – also this tends to affect all major currencies depending on the release.

If you have an upcoming transfer involving any of these currencies or indeed any other major currency and want me to be the eyes and ears on the market for you, then contact me directly leaving a brief description of your requirement and a contact telephone number and I shall be happy to help.

Cheap Euro Loans fuel sterling movements, excellent buying opportunities on Euros and Dollars

GBPEUR rate remains steady as markets await the Autumn Budget

Sterling found some support yesterday gaining on both the US dollar and the Euro, as the prospect of further QE (Quantitative Easing) was made less certain. This provided some excellent buying opportunities for clients ready to trade!

The fact a recovery for the pound is going to be anything but steady was underlined yesterday as cheap euro loans for European banks caused the pound to find favour. The European Central Bank made available it’s LTRO – Long Term Refinancing Operation, a series of loans totalling €530 bn to ease credit conditions amongst European banks. The effect of this was to instill confidence in the markets and combined with US GDP (Gross Domestic Product) data coming out better than expected, we saw the pound find favour amongst traders.

So what can we expect for the rest of the week for the pound?

Well it is the start of the month so at 09.30 we have the UK PMI data for the Manufacturing Industry. These Purchasing Managers Index surveys are released at the start of each month and reflect the attitudes of Purchasing Managers in their respective Industries. Any reading above 50 is seen as positive and today’s release is expected to come in at 51.8 for February versus the 52.1 for January. These data sets are one of the most up to date snapshots of how an economy is performing and well worth keeping an eye on as they can dictate movements over the course of the day. If you are looking to make a trade today why not check you are getting the best deal by emailing me on , I will aim to get back to you within a few minutes. If you can leave a phone number it will make it much easier to speak to you about the comparison.

Thursday we have UK PMI for Construction and then Monday UK PMI for Services. These data sets have caused a bit of excitement for the pound in recent weeks and if they continue to show expansion I would expect we could see sterling hold firm or possibly make small gains.

With Bank of England Governor Mervyn King stating yesterday to the Treasury that more QE was not a certainty ‘I don’t think there’s any hard and fast expectation that we’re inevitably going to do much more’, there may be brighter days ahead for the pound. So just as the winter is receding in the UK, so too may the cloud over sterling be breaking. Just make sure that you have your scarf and gloves if jack frost does decide to come out of hiding in the coming days and weeks.

If you are looking to make a currency transfer and are not sure what the future holds why not speak to us? We can help not only make you aware of the events that are moving your exchange rate, but also offer a rate comparison service which will ensure you really do get the best deal. Feel free to make an enquiry on the right side or contact me direct on

We look forward to hearing from you.

The ECB offers cheap loans again which strengthens sterling exchange rates against the Euro

GBPEUR rate remains steady as markets await the Autumn Budget

Sterling exchange rates have strengthened against the Euro this afternoon by 0.70% spiking up to 1.1898. This is a gain of over a cent from Monday’s low.

Just as it was looking like the pound was heading in the wrong direction and all the signs were that the pound could hit below 1.17 the European Central Bank (ECB) unexpectedly provided a further €530 billion of low interest loans to 800 banks across Europe. The last time the ECB did this was in December and the Euro weakened at that time too. The cheap loans mean that European banks are flooded with cheap money and are able to invest in bonds in other countries. The cheap loans were oversubscribed and it has helped sterling exchange rates bounce back.

This move goes to show that, you can continuously follow the markets and wait for all the data releases under the sun to hit the market but the unexpected can move the rates of exchange when we least expect it. Trying to gauge the currency markets can be very difficult. We watch the markets all day long for clients and this move has increased the buying volumes for the Euro.  There are now some excellent buying opportunities on Euro rates of exchanges. When there is a quick movement in the market we can help a client save thousands of pounds over the high street bank.

Please do contact me at and challenge us here at Foreign Currency Direct/Pound Sterling Forecast to beat
the rates of your banks or current broker. We promise you that you will not be disappointed. We will also offer you our expert opinion on when we feel is a good time to execute a trade. If you let me know what your situation is I can go over the options that are available to you.


Pound Sterling climbs against USD as investors prepare to take on risk once more AUD, NZD, ZAR benefit!

Pound to US Dollar forecast: What could influence the Pound to US Dollar rate this week?

The Pound has once again made gains against the USD over the start of this week as all seems relatively quiet on the European front (not for long though i’m sure) and global attitude towards risk appears to be increasing off the back of this.

In turn, this means that investors tend to pull funds out of their perceived ‘safer currencies’ such as the USD (gold is also priced in Dollars) decreasing the demand for this currency and also making it cheaper to buy.

We have also seen the ‘riskier currencies’ such as the South African Rand, Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar make gains from this as demand for them increases.

My view is that more European troubles are sure to come to front page news again it is just a case of when…. As and when this does happen we should see things turn around again… Those looking to sell Dollars or Sell AED Dirhams (pegged to the Dollar) will have a selling opportunity and those buying AUD, NZD or ZAR will have a great buying opportunity (compared to recent times anyway) however the European Central bank would all be great poker players as they are all very good at keeping their cards close to their chest so we may have a little wait on our hands first.

If you have a currency transfer to make be it buying or selling then feel free to contact me directly for a direct comparison against your currenct bank or broker and I will do everything I can to beat it by enough to make it worth you using me instead as there is always room for improvement in my experience.

Sterling GBP – Japanese Yen JPY

Pound to US Dollar Exchange Rate: What will Brexit do to the GBP/USD rate?

A currency we don’t touch on too often – JPY which has indeed been extremely volatile of late, making excellent gainst against the Euro, U.S Dollar and Pound yesterdayas we heard the Bank of Japan intended in extend its asset purchasing programme, these gains appear to be short lived however as already this morning we are almost back to square one again. Much like the Swiss Franc I feel this currency is going to be jittery until we see any movement from central banks regarding potential devaluation.

It is key that you have an efficient broker on your side if you have an upcomnig transfer to carry out, why not try our new currency audit service to check just how well you did on your last currency transaction, just fill in the form on the right hand side of this page or email me directly

New feature from us here at – Currency Rate audit and comparison

Pound to US Dollar forecast: What could influence the Pound to US Dollar rate this week?

Good afternoon,

Today brings the launch of another new service from us here at – The currency audit and comparison service. We are calling this the PSF currency challenge (Challenge us to beat your rate!)

Even if you have used the same company for years it is always worth checking you are still receiving the very best rates of exchange and the very highest level of service on your transfers. Due to the heightened level of enquiries through the site over the past few months and the large volume of new clients we have saved money we have decided to open this out to everyone. We all work for a specialist foreign exchange brokerage that has won awards both for exchange rates and customer service, so if you are one of the 27,000 unique visitors we have to this site every month and you find our information both informative and interesting then why not get in touch by filling in the red form on the right hand side of this page. We look forward to speaking with you.

GBP/EUR outlook for the early part of the week.

Good morning readers,

Well last week produced a big decline for sterling exchange rates against the Euro. We saw the pound fall to a low of 1.1750 on the back of events over in Greece and the release of the Bank of England’s minutes. We have been saying for a long time how QE can have a negative effect on sterling and the minutes showed exactly why. All 9 members of the MPC voted in favour of QE and the minutes showed that some members wanted to initiate QE even more vigorously hence the market’s reaction and the pound fell.

This week should be a little more stable for the pound but there are some analysts out there that feel the pound could fall back down near to the 1.15 level. Over the last week I have had many clients who have been holding out for 1.20+ re asses and traded below 1.18. Their time had just run out and they had to make their conversion for business invoices and property purchases. There were occasions when they could have got 1.20 but the greed factor caught them out. If you would like to inform me of your specific requirement we can look at when would be a good time for you to make your currency conversion. Just email at You will get our opinion on timing and achieve a better rate of exchange than your high street bank.

With data very thin on the ground today look out for tomorrow’s German inflation and consumer confidence data while in the UK the first major release is mortgage approvals on Wednesday. There are other releases through the course of the week that could have an effect on all major currencies and we will keep you updated with these as the week progresses.

Please remember that if you have a transfer to make in any major currency challenge us to make you a saving on your exchange. We will do everything we can to help you time your conversion just right and make you a significant saving when you actually make your conversion. Please email me at and we see if we are a suitable provider for your foreign exchange.


Sterling Exchange Rates – What The Week Ahead May Bring.

GBP to USD rates: Sterling is boosted by hopes of a no-deal Brexit being avoided

This week ahead is set to be very volatile for sterling against a host of currencies. There are numerous data releases that will have an impact on the pound and a host of other majors. If you require making a conversion on your funds this week then you should keep a close eye on the following data releases and contact me so i can explain how you can benefit from our excellent rates of exchanges. Just drop me an email at

Tuesday – For sterling the first major data release will be tomorrow morning in the name of public sector net borrowing. This release captures the amount of new debt held by the UK government. We are expecting levels to come out worse than last month’s release so sterling exchange rates could take a hit tomorrow morning.

Wednesday morning will bring the biggest data release for the UK with the Bank of England’s Minutes. This really will be key as it will indicate how many members of the MPC voted for QE and by how much. If their is any indication that some members wanted more than the £50 billion then it may bring some sterling weakness as further stimulus could be on the cards in the future.

The last major release will be on Friday with revised Q4 GDP figures. This is as big a release as they come. It is expected to show a contraction in growth for the UK economy and if Q1 for 2012 comes out the same then the UK will officially be in a recession. because we are expecting a contraction this Friday the losses may not be so sever for the pound but you may be wise to act well before this release.

For the pound against a host of other currencies you may be interested in the following releases.

Germany and the EU – With a host of data from PMI to GDP rates will be extremely volatile this week. The real key mover will be events in Greece. If they cut their budget which is pretty much expected and receive the agreement for their bailout then expect to see some good Euro strength. This will be key for clients looking at selling back their Euros. Be ready to act quickly though if there is a spike in the market as it may not be around for long!!!

For the US it is a pretty quiet week compared to normal. They have presidents day today so no releases and then over the rest of the week there is some home sales and jobless claims. I expect that the USD will have a range bound from 1.56-1.59 this week. if you see a movement above the 1.59 capitalise on the gain.

Australia – RBA minutes released early hours of Tuesday morning. Same as in the UK and if no indication of further rate cuts down under expect the Aussie to continue its rise of all time highs against the pound.

If you would like to discuss any major data release with us so you can find out how it may affect your currency transfer please feel free to contact me at

To give you a quick background, we are currency brokers and have been in the industry for years, this site was set up set up two years ago to give clients simple but informative information and now have 20,000 people a month stop by for information.

Last year we had thousands of people get in touch with us through the site, of which hundreds have already used us and we have saved them money over their high street bank or current broker, you can get in touch with us by clicking here and setting up a free, no obligation trading facility to get a quote within minutes…. There is no harm in comparing rates even if you have used
someone else for years – Just like buying car insurance you need to always shop around. You can also email me directly with any questions or queries.



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