Pound to Euro Exchange Rates on Back Foot ahead of Emergency EU Summit

Pound to Euro Exchange Rates ahead of Emergency EU Summit

Pound to Euro exchange rates have struggled to gain momentum this week after the seven Government resignations which were seen last week created so much political uncertainty in Britain.

Theresa May to meet with Jean Claude Juncker today

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will travel to Brussels today to meet with the President of the EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker to try and bring Brexit negotiations to a close ahead of the EU summit which starts 25th November. Any statements from leaders today and after the summit next week will likely continue to drive the Pound to Euro exchange rates.

Pound to Euro exchange rates still weak

Pound to Euro (GBP/EUR) exchange rates are still on a weaker footing with the threat of a confidence vote in the Prime Minister, which so far has failed to materialise. A number of letters of no confidence have been written to the 1922 Backbench Committee although the magic number of 48 to trigger a vote of confidence has not yet been reached. The looming threat is keeping the markets guessing and keeping sterling on shaky ground with Pound to Euro exchange rates sitting in the 1.12’s.

Bank of England Governor supportive of Brexit deal ahead of House of Commons vote

Meanwhile, the current Brexit plan has been supported by the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney which may play to the Government’s advantage in trying to win votes to back it in the House of Commons. The most important date in the calendar is the meaningful vote on the Brexit deal which will be held in the middle of December. This will be crunch time for the Prime Minister and will be the biggest test under her premiership. If she cannot command a majority in the House of Commons for this key vote then we are likely to see a leadership challenge which would almost certainly be negative for Pound to Euro exchange rates in the short term.

It is difficult to see how the arithmetic in the House of Commons will work for Theresa May when considering the hostile response that has been seen to this particular deal. The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) have signalled they will not back the Government as have many other politicians on both sides of the Brexit debate. Of course Theresa May relies on the DUP to vote in line with Government to push through key parts of Government policy. For these reasons the next few weeks are unlikely to generate any major gains for the Pound ahead of this paramount debate and so risks for Pound to Euro exchange rates remain in these final stages of Brexit.

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Pound to Euro Forecast: Will the Pound improve against the Euro?

Pound to Euro forecast: Will the busy calendar move GBP/EUR over the next 2 weeks?

Brexit talks continue to weigh heavily on Pound to Euro exchange rates

Over the last few days the Pound has felt a lot of pressure owing to what is happening politically at the moment in the UK. Rumours are circulating that a leadership challenge may be coming with a number of MPs potentially writing a letter to Sir Graham Brady who is the Chairman of the Backbench 1922 Committee. Some have suggested that the number is as high as 50 with at least 48 needed to begin the challenge.

What does the politic uncertainty mean for the Pound to Euro forecast

Prime Minister Theresa May has dismissed this issue and has claimed that by getting rid of her this will not help the Brexit talks. Theresa May has been campaigning over the last few days in support of her proposed deal and insists that she is the best person for the job.

Meanwhile, a number of senior ministers have come together to create a different plan being offered by May. The group includes Leadsom, Grayling, Fox, Mordaunt & Gove are they are planning to offer an alternative Brexit proposal. The main problem for the Pound is that political uncertainty will often result in Sterling weakness and this appears to be the case at the moment.

Italian issue keeps the Euro under pressure

Since late Friday afternoon the Pound has been able to fend off any further losses as the market also appears to be focused on what is happening in Italy at the moment.

The Italian Government has not backed down from the threats made by the European Union over its draft budget plans and this appears to have divided the bloc.

If the European Union is unable to assert its power over Italy this could give rise to other countries doing the same so it is a dangerous precedent that is clearly wants to avoid.

Talks between Europe and Italy are due to take place tomorrow and this could start to influence Pound to Euro exchange rates over the short term. Make sure you keep a close eye out on what happens between the two.

In the immediate future however I think the Pound will remain under pressure owing to the Brexit uncertainty so if you’re planning to buy Euros it may be worth getting this organised very soon.

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Pound to Euro forecast: How low could the GBP/EUR rate fall?

Brexit impact on Pound

The Pound to Euro rate has had some of their worst days since the EU Referendum vote with GBP/EUR levels dropping 3 cents between the high and the low this week. It is no surprise to learn such movements are Brexit related and it should be no surprise to hear that this might well continue further in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Pound to Euro forecast: Will the Pound continue to fall?

The Pound to Euro exchange rate reached a peak of 1.1549, with the lows of 1.1254 tested yesterday. For now, the big question is whether or not the Pound will have further to fall. The likelihood seems strong as we might well see either further resignations from key members of Mrs May’s Government, or more of an effort to topple her from her own Party.

It is well worth noting that Pound to Euro rates have been much lower throughout the Brexit process. We were at 1.0995 only 10 weeks ago, and 1.1190 on the 31st October. Sterling has been very volatile against the Euro and this seems highly likely to continue. Increased prospects of either Mrs May being ousted as leader could easily destabilise markets. It is well worth pointing out the lows of 1.075 reached in August 2017 too.

To accurately predict what happens next with the Pound to Euro rate requires careful analysis of the market and what lies ahead. This is no easy feat and those with a position to buy or sell, relying on an assumption they believe they know what lies ahead, should be making contingency plans.

Pound to Euro rates: What’s next for the Pound?

Assuming Mrs May can stay on we will now need to prepare for the Parliamentary vote on the Brexit deal. All the indicators are that this will not be passed and what will happen then? No one really knows but we can expect the Pound will continue to be the main recipient of the uncertainty.

Pound to Euro rates are currently mid-range for the high to low performance in 2018, the possibility for further losses is high considering scope for further political uncertainty is so high. Quite often, the biggest gamble in the currency markets is to do nothing, waiting for something magical to happen.

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Pound to Euro rate hits 6-month high as Brexit text is agreed

Pound to Euro rate hits 6-month high as Brexit text is agreed, what could happen next to GBP/EUR

Yesterday the Pound to Euro exchange rate climbed to its best levels in 6 months. This level was within half a cent from the best Pound to Euro rate in 15 months, making it a good time for Sterling sellers when recent trade levels are considered.

Brexit news positive for Pound to Euro exchange rate

The reason for the spike in Sterling’s value is due to the announcement that a Brexit text has been agreed upon by Prime Minister Theresa May and her EU counterparts. The upside movement so far has been limited as the arrangements need to be agreed upon by May’s Cabinet before being passed through Parliament. This morning there is a lot of talk about whether there will be any further resignations by Cabinet members that are unhappy with the proposed deal. I think that if any members do step down the gains for Sterling over the past 24 hours would most likely be wiped out.

There is also a chance that the Cabinet will reject the proposed Brexit deal and this could be another reason for a drop in the Pound to Euro exchange rate.

Cabinet meeting set for 2pm today

At 14.00 GMT today the UK Cabinet is expected to meet to discuss the future relationship between the UK and EU along with the draft withdrawal agreement. If talks go well and progress is made there is talk of the previously cancelled November EU Summit being re-instated around the 25th of this month. This could be another potential market mover as it would signal positive strides being made by May in her quest to appease everyone in what seems like an impossible task at the moment.

Positive economic data for the UK

The Pound may have also been helped by the strong wage growth data released yesterday, which showed a further rise in regular pay growth to a decade high of 3.2%. Economic data is playing second fiddle to Brexit updates at the moment but it’s worth knowing that there is October’s inflation data being released later today which could impact the Pound to Euro rate depending on the release.

Another key topic at the moment that could impact the Pound to Euro exchange rate is the Italian Budget. The Italian coalition Government is in disagreement with the EU regarding its budget allowance, and the pair appear to be at loggerheads as this issue has been rumbling on for a while now.

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Pound to euro forecast: GBP/EUR rate hits 5 month high

Pound to Euro Forecast: Brexit Uncertainty Continues Following PM's House of Commons Defeat

In today’s pound to euro forecast James Lovick discusses the recent rise in the GBP/EUR rate. The pound has rallied to a 5 month high against the euro creating a good buy opportunity for those looking to purchase euros. Much of the recent strength continues to stem from the optimism that a Brexit deal will be reached and that progress continues to be made.

Brexit latest news: Irish border issue still unresolved

There are some risks associated with these final stages though and whilst the pound is trading at better levels the issue of the Irish border continues to give both sides a headache in trying to find a solution. It has been reported that a number of Cabinet ministers are seeking to have an exit clause in any withdrawal agreement, but this has not been received well by the Irish.

The lack of agreement on this major issue could still force a no deal Brexit scenario, which although might be looking less likely at this point in time still cannot be ruled out. If the Brexit negotiations stop for any reason in these coming weeks or if for example the emergency EU summit in November does not take place then the pound is likely to slide versus the euro. We should know by the end of this week whether the EU summit will be taking place or not and there should be pound to euro volatility on the back of that.

Italian Budget concerns are causing to euro weakness

It’s not just a more buoyant pound that has helped to lift sterling higher but also a weaker euro. The European Commission rejected Italy’s Budget plans yesterday and has asked for them to be reviewed and updated by 13th November. Italy has been very forceful with the EU Commission to try and deliver on promises that were made during an election campaign but which are at odds with EU spending guidelines. It does leave yet another period of uncertainty for euro exchange rates as this latest issue gives concern in the markets especially considering the amount of debt.

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Pound to Euro rates: Will GBP/EUR test the 1.15 level?

Will Pound to Euro rates drop below 1.10 before Christmas?

The Pound to Euro exchange rate has edged higher this morning and broken through the 1.1450 level at its highest point of the day so far. The Pound to Euro rate has continued to climb despite poor data. This is due to hopes of a Brexit deal being agreed soon.

Pound to Euro exchange rate unaffected by poor UK Service data

I find the rise in the Pound to Euro exchange rate interesting and perhaps a sign of the Pound’s future price movements, as just yesterday there was a release of disappointing data out of the UK’s most important area of its economy. The services sector now covers around 80% of the UK economy so data released covering the health of the sector usually holds the potential to move the currency markets. Yesterday the October figure for Services PMI was released lower than expected. Sterling remained resilient and this morning its value has seen a boost from the levels it closed at yesterday.

The reason for the boost can be put down to renewed optimism surrounding a Brexit deal. Last week the Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab suggested a deal could be in place by the 21st of November. There has also been talk of the previously cancelled November EU Summit being reinstated, which has also buoyed the Pound. Today British Prime Minister, Theresa May will hold a Cabinet meeting where Brexit will be in focus, especially the Northern Irish border and I expect this to continue to fuel rumours of Brexit progress.

Economic data that could affect Pound to Euro exchange rate

There are no major economic data releases out of the UK today, and there won’t be until the release of 3rd quarter GDP data on Friday. During this time Brexit news will most likely be the main driver but it’s also worth paying attention to the issues surrounding the Italian Budget and its Government’s disagreements with the EU regarding their Budget plans. At the moment the country is in a stalemate with the EU and if Italy doesn’t amend its plan it could be required to pay a fine of 0.2% of its GDP to the EU. Should this issue continue there is a chance of seeing the Euro weaken as Italy is a key constituent of the European Union. These issues would be coming at a bad time for the trading bloc as they already have the UK’s Brexit to content with.

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Pound vs Euro closes in on a 5 month high

Pound vs Euro Rates Before Brexit Meaningful Vote

In our latest pound to euro forecast we look at the week ahead for the currency pair. This weekend reports have emerged that UK Prime Minister Theresa May is closer to reaching a deal with the EU than many had first thought. Many media outlets have reported that the PM found herself calling her own Cabinet members in a bid to assure them that she is not preparing a summit at the end of the month before securing political agreement within her party.

Brexit news: Is there an agreement over the Irish border?

European diplomats have responded and stated no agreement has been made in regards to the Irish border. However for clients buying a foreign currency with the pound and in particular the euro, exchange rates have increased throughout this morning’s trading period and pound vs euro exchange rates are now close to a 5 month high.

The news that a Brexit deal is close, is great for clients buying euros. It was only last week the Bank of England stated that a smooth Brexit would likely mean that interest rates would be raised gradually towards 1.5% in the short term. If this was to happen, you would likely see investment reaches British shores and therefore the pound to gain value against the euro.

However over the last 12 months, we have seen that the Brexit negotiations are complex and therefore a deal is never done until a handshake has taken place and both parties sign on the dotted line. What I mean by that is, if we receive commentary from the EU in the upcoming weeks that we are still at the opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to the Irish border I wouldn’t be surprised to see pound sterling rates fall back to lows we were experiencing throughout the third quarter of this year.

All eyes now turn to Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron’s meeting on Friday. With the negotiations appearing to be in the balance, I am expecting a volatile finish to the week for pound vs euro exchange rates. For clients buying euros, proceeding with caution would be my recommendation. I still believe there is time for GBP/EUR rates to fall before a deal is stuck. If you are buying euros short term getting in touch today is wise.

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GBP/EUR rate remains steady as markets await the Autumn Budget

GBPEUR rate remains steady as markets await the Autumn Budget

Sterling tailed off towards the end of last week after a prominent think tank, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) warned about the potential negative effects of a no-deal Brexit. I expect similar concerns to dominate the headlines following the Autumn Budget this afternoon as the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond will be speaking. He’s scheduled to speak around 3.00pm, so those of our readers following the pound’s value at the moment should pay close attention to this event.

GBP/EUR rates driven by Autumn Budget

If Philip Hammond adopts a dovish attitude as I predict he will, I think we could see the pound lose value against the euro. There has been talk in the papers over the weekend suggesting that if the UK departs the EU without a deal in place, there will be a need for an increased Budget. How Hammond plans on obtaining this could put pressure on sterling’s value.

Although I expect the Budget to be the main driver of the pound’s value this afternoon, it’s also worth following the euro’s value and euro related news as that too could impact GBP/EUR.

Will German elections impact GBP/EUR rates?

Over the weekend there were some poor regional election results in Hesse and Bavaria for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats Party, and its Baveria-only sister party. This performance by the Christian Democrats is their worst performance since 1966 and Angela Merkel has since stated that she with be completely withdrawing from politics after 2021. This will bring an end to her dominance within European politics, and she believes that national politics have had a big influence on the results in the regional elections from the weekend.

The news hasn’t dramatically swayed pound to euro exchange rates, but I think an upheaval within European politics could put pressure on the euro’s value especially if the more populist parties continue to make gains in the upcoming months.

Bank of England interest rate decision

Later in the week the Bank of England will give their interest rate decision with the markets expecting no change. The comments afterwards from BoE Governor Mark Carney will be followed closely, so expect any references to monetary policy to result in movement in the GBP/EUR exchange rate.

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GBP/EUR Forecast – Sterling Under Pressure as Irish Border Concerns Continue

Pound to Euro Forecast: Theresa May stonewalled by Brussels

The pound has struggled to make any significant inroads against the major currencies, despite a slight upturn against EUR earlier this week.

Investors’ risk appetite for the pound has diminished once again, following a lack of clarity over which direction Brexit talks are really heading in.

The pound had made gains on the assumption that there would be an agreement between the UK and EU at last week’s summit in Brussels. This positivity proved to be premature as talks once again hit an impasse, predominantly due to the issues surrounding the Irish border.

Conflicting reports are not helping to clarify this situation, which is proving to be a key sticking point in the Brexit negotiations. Discussions about a backstop agreement – which could involve the whole of the UK following next March’s deadline – seem to have helped quell any further major GBP sell-offs for the time being.

However, in truth no one yet knows how this situation will play out. UK Prime Minister Theresa May is struggling to appease not only the UK public, but also members of her own party. With this lack of continuity unlikely to boost investor confidence in the pound, I am not anticipating any aggressive spikes over the coming days, unless of course there is a breakthrough in Brexit negotiations.

GBP/EUR rates are currently marooned around 1.13, with the single currency finding plenty of support around the current levels. This support for the euro comes despite the market’s concerns surrounding the Italian economy and the changing political landscape in Germany.

The current trend is typical of recent months, when sterling has threatened to make a sustained advance, only to see its value fall amid the on-going Brexit uncertainty.

To discuss the factors impacting GBPEUR rates in the run up to the Brexit deal deadline, feel free to use the form below to get in touch. I’ll be happy to respond personally.

Brexit continues to dictate GBP/EUR

Brexit continues to dictate GBP/EUR

There continues to be high levels of volatility on GBP/EUR exchange rates as Brexit talks intensify. The Irish border remains the key point of contention; should we see a deal come to fruition we could see significant sterling strength. The original date to have a deal agreed was 17th October, but it now may go to an emergency summit in mid-November. However, the final agreement may still not happen then, considering how many extensions have happened so far.

Is Theresa May’s position in doubt?

There is concern for Theresa May’s position with numerous Conservative Party members questioning her ability to get a Brexit deal in place, and the deal that she is willing to accept. I question their motives; during the most important negotiations involving the UK in the last fifty years I think the PM should be supported rather than Party members throwing a spanner in the works at every corner. I sense that the vast majority of her opposition are merely looking to make advances in their own career.

It is rumoured that there are currently 46 Conservative Party members willing to put forward a vote of no confidence, with 48 required for a leadership challenge.

I am not convinced. If a leadership challenge was to take place it is not likely the candidate would win a majority victory, and if that was the case we could be looking at a general election and the potential risk of Labour gaining control, I think the risk may not warrant the reward.

This would be terrible for the pound. Political and economic uncertainty during Brexit talks would cause a heavy fall in sterling value.

If you are purchasing euros it may be advisable to move in tranches. I believe a Brexit deal will be agreed, but it may come at the eleventh hour and we can expect further sterling weakness in the build up. I would consider performing 20-30% of my trade at current levels and hang fire in the hope of a deal for the remainder, of course this is dependent on your time scale.

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