Pound Sterling exchange rate falls to 1.12s against the Euro on latest Brexit developments could GBPEUR rates fall further?

GBP/CAD rates set for a fall today

GBP/CAD rates are expected to come under pressure today from the release of manufacturing export data in the Canadian economy. Much of the money normally invested in the oil industry has been diverted into the fledgling manufacturing sector in the Canadian economy. Read inside to see how this could help your GBP/CAD transfer.
Pound to Canadian Dollar exchange rate Volatility expected for GBPCAD rates ahead of Canadian general election

GBP/CAD rates still falling

It seems that much of the bad news which is weakening the CAD and strengthening GBP/CAD rates are the result of long-term projections, most of which can easily be solved in the short term before these issues come to the fore. This article explains that the CAD may weaken in the short-term, but these will not be long-term. Data releases next week on Canadian manufacturing and foreign investment figures will likely change this recent trend. Read inside to get an up to date forecast and advice on how to maximise the return on your GBP/CAD transfer.
Pound to Canadian Dollar forecast Reduced chance of no deal Brexit after Supreme Court ruling, where to next for GBPCAD exchange rates?

CAD under further pressure from China

The CAD, as a commodity currency, has come under pressure for the second day in a row from repeated devaluations of the Chinese Yuan. Whilst Canada is not a major trade partner of China, as China itself is such a commodity hungry market, the news has revised down global growth and demand. The indirect fall in commodity prices is what has hurt the Canadian dollar, but only marginally. CAD weakness seems saturated - the article inside explains why and what to expect from CAD rates in the future.
Pound to Canadian Dollar rate hits 20 month low could further falls be in store for the Pound

EUR/CAD rates highest in 2015

EUR/CAD rates have risen to the highest rates in 2015. Euro strength following positive Greek talks have been coupled with stronger data emerging from a Eurozone apparently in recovery. Today surprisingly poor housing data came out concerning the Canadian economy when this has been one of the better performers as of late. Read inside for the knock-on affects for EUR/CAD rates in the future, as well as CAD's other pairings.
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CAD value weighed down by China

Overnight in the UK, markets were shocked to hear that China had made moves to actively devalue their own currency - the Yuan. In the past, China has always countered stagnation in its own economy by actively pumping capital into the domestic market though infrastructure projects and investments. This historic shift away from that policy, which is instead targeted at the global (external) market by making its exports more competitive, shows that the Chinese economy may not have the capital reserves it had previously to...

GBP/CAD rates to fall this week?

GBP/CAD rates fell this week following a weak showing for Sterling on Thursday, where it seemed the timeline for a rise in the base interest rate in the UK was delayed significantly. Just before the weekend employment figures also came in, reflecting a strong showing for Canada after a poor run recently. While only 6000 jobs were added last month, the population of Canada must be taken into account. With only half the population of the UK, these figures were enough relatively to spell CAD...

GBP/CAD rates tumble

It seems that the post yesterday was right to stress caution and avoid gambling with the data released on UK interest rates. In the UK the decision on interest rates is conducted by the 9 members of the Bank of England Board, and a majority of 5 is necessary for an amendment to the base rate. It was widely expected that 2 or 3 of the members would vote for a rate hike, getting us on the cusp of a majority after months where it was...
GBPEUR rate remains steady as markets await the Autumn Budget

GBP/CAD – Volatile Day

Yesterday ended up largely as a non-event for the value of the CAD. No significant change was seen in the value of the import and export sector, showing that they are weathering the storm of low oil prices well, but not enough to bolster Canadian Dollar value. GBP/CAD rates were on the verge of hitting 2.06 this morning, with 'Super Thursday' today in the British Market expected to cause significant volatility for all GBP pairings. Super Thursday refers to the interest rate decision in the UK....
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Will CAD continue to weaken?

Today the Canadian Dollar will be put under further scrutiny, as data released concerning its import and export sector will shed light on its current economic state. The CAD has come under further pressure in recent days due to the announcement of a global increase in oil production, which further lowered current and future prices for oil. With CAD being a commodity currency, it's value is closely linked to commodity currencies. However, today may see some Canadian Dollar strength when the data is released at 12:30...
Pound to Canadian Dollar forecast Brexit news continues to dominate movement for the GBPCAD exchange rate

GBP/CAD benefits from cheaper Oil

It seems that it may not be much longer that it is only futures prices for oil which are in the $40-$50 region for purchasing. Fitch Ratings has announced that a retest of the $45 mark for a barrel of Brent Crude on the spot is inevitable in the future. The price dropped below $50 briefly on Monday for the first time in over half-a-year. Recent data has shown that global production has continued to rise, as companies and nations battle it out for favourable...